Crime In Music: Bio Page

Picture of Brian and Ben from their 5th grade yearbook

History of a Beautiful Friendship...


Ben & Brian met in Ms. Albertson's 2nd Grade class at St. Robert Bellarmine's Catholic Elementary School, outside of Flint, MI. Together they survived the classrooms, dress codes, years of Cub Scout meetings, baseball & basketball practices and even being church alter boys!

Brian's Music Career:

From the age of 13, Brian has taken priviate lessons on several percussive instruments, concentrating mainly on the drum kit. His instructor was famed, one time Bob Hope drummer; Bill Schaffer. Brian honed his technique in the high school concert/pep band & by becoming a founding member of the rock band 21Daze. He's played in dozens of bands over the past 25 years, specializing in classic rock, oldies, southern rock, folk and hippie music.

Ben's Guitar Habit

Being surrounded by amazing musicians for years, Ben was inspired to learn guitar in his 20's. Having spent many solitary nights working thru the basics like; Heart of Gold, Hey-hey, My-my and Rockin' In the Free World, Ben's mastery of the 6-string was progressing nicely! This new skillset led Ben to "sit in" with some members of the band: Kirk Devane & the Bionic Dirt, during their breaks.

Guy Behind the Guy:

Ben was a major part of the support crew for the Kirk Devane & the Bionic Dirt band. Fun Fact: Ben helped name that group. He was also part of the 2-man crew who designed & built the full-service basement bar directly next to the practice space. Without his efforts, the Beer-Can-Wall would have never reached the heights it had. At it's peak, the BCW scaled over 6 ft. high!

Yale Street:

As the college years were wrapping up, the guys got a house together just outside of downtown Flint. It was setup well for entertaining, being previously inhabited by Nudists. High shrubbery & movable screens made the backyard a perfect private party space. Ample room in the basement for drums and band practices, a jacuzzi room lined in mirrors (it was there when we moved in) and plenty of friends to drop by. It was the place to be!

The Podcast:

Started in April of 2018, the podcast became a great way for the guys to hangout again and to explore their comedic creativity with their unique musical backgrounds. Thanks to some eBay selling & buying, converting a storage room into a professional Podcast Studio only took a bit of time and a few hours of How-To videos on YouTube. Thank you for checking us out! Please leave us a message, we'd love to hear from you!